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Baieido Japanese Incense

3 Aug 2022

Baieido Japanese incense

Most Japanese incense producers have the mission of perpetuating a know-how that is sometimes centuries old. They use high quality raw materials, they produce and package incense with care and respect for tradition and the end customer.
We have been selling Baieido brand incense on our website for over 20 years. This producer celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2007.

If you have never burned Japanese incense, we can only invite you to do so and Baieido products are an excellent choice. Most Baieido incenses are made from sandalwood, agarwood, spices and herbs. The following products are an excellent way to start:

Baieido Kobunboku
A blend of herbs on a sandalwood base. Chinese herbs and a touch of camphor. This is the basic product of this brand.

Baieido Excellent Kobunboku (or Tokusen Kobunboku)
A variant where the herbs are less present but with a small touch of agarwood. A very fine and balanced woody scent.

Baieido Kai Un Koh
A beautiful incense with a very spicy blend of herbs on a sandalwood base which also contains agarwood from Vietnam. Its name means: "Lucky incense".

These incenses are available in different packaging, small and large boxes as well as long and extra long sticks.

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