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Baieido Traditional Japanese Incense

Baieido, quality traditional Japanese incense produced in Osaka since 1657
The Baieido house has been producing Japanese incense of a high quality in Osaka for more than three centuries. More than 350 years of know-how and tradition. The company Baieido in fact celebrated its 350 year anniversary in 2007.
The finest traditional japanese incenses
The Baieido company mainly produces traditional incenses, based on blends of Chinese herbs, like Baieido Koubunboku, Sandalwood-type or aloe wood (agar wood) scented woods. High-quality varieties of incense based on agar wood (aloe wood, Aquilaria Malaccensis), like Baieido Shukohkoku or Baieido Excellence Aloewood Kunshokoh.
The brand offers some more modern products, like Sen Koh Cha green tea incense, strawberry or coffee incense.